Pathway to success

Determination, Discipline, and Dedication to truthfulness are three elements that have consistently been my guide throughout this life.  As I left Haiti in 1987 with my Baccalaureate Degrees from CCH (College Canado Haitien), I was faithful that success has been already on my path, for I had already accomplished much in the school (academically and athletically) where the groundwork was completed through that education and my family upbringing (Faith based – Integrity – Responsibility for actions).  Those acquired qualities continued to be my guide on becoming a stellar athlete and graduate at Rutgers and to also obtain my Master’s Degree consequently at NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology).  They continue to motivate me today in my engineering career, becoming an author, and in my philanthropic endeavors.  Granted, certain small missteps necessary to sharpen my craft and to help in my personal growth, I have continuously fine-tuned myself with those key qualities to become an exemplary citizen, a true champion of righteousness in this world, and an exemplary human to inspire the youth to always do their best, play hard, and accept their humanity with humility, continuous joy, and sincere love for all.