• Provide technique drills to players throughout the camps. Coaches will be running camps and teaching techniques to the players. At the end of camp, coaches will be giving feedbacks

Athletic Trainers, Nurses, and Physicians

  • Do all physical examination prior to camp and Cover event for possible injuries

Staff Security

  • Provide essential security throughout camp to make sure everyone is secured during camp.

Staff Personnel

  • Assist and help coaches to run the camps. Provide necessary equipment to coaches.

Video Personnel

  • Record athletes in several drills and games. Video personnel will provide the recording tape to all athletes at the end of camp.

Hydration staff

  • Refill water cooler and ensure refreshments are available to all

Gate Personnel

  • Provide assistance at the entrance with security staff before entering at the facility. Gate personnel will make sure each athlete and camp participants have their entrance bracelet before participating in the camp.

Food Personnel/ Chef

  • Provide and distribute food during lunch at the camp.