This year Gold Cup was one of the most significant experiences among others that we’ve had alongside our Men’s national soccer team. Filetsports’ medical staff answered the called once again for the medical coverage throughout the training camp leading up the competition and throughout. The players and team managers were and remain very pleased with our services, and it is with the same motivation that we always give our best to make a difference in the ability of the team to compete. In addition, the president of the FHF and his staff from day one understood the need for athletic training and care for the players, we thank him once again for the opportunity. We will always answer to the teams’ needs for our presence as long as we continue to be given the chance.

Lastly, Filetsports wants to thank our supporters and growing followers. It is also our goal to give back to our country in different areas such as the youth as much as the professionals. This is reflected in the recent launch of our program in Haiti this summer.