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This year Gold Cup was one of the most significant experiences among others that we’ve had alongside our Men’s national soccer team. Filetsports’ medical staff answered the called once again for the medical coverage throughout the training camp leading up the competition and throughout. The...
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Reaction to the China Game

FILETSPORTS once again answered the call to be on the side of the Haitian National Men Soccer team all the way to China for a friendly game. This once in a lifetime experience proved to be fruitful for the grenadier, who finished the game tied...
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Pathway to success

Determination, Discipline, and Dedication to truthfulness are three elements that have consistently been my guide throughout this life.  As I left Haiti in 1987 with my Baccalaureate Degrees from CCH (College Canado Haitien), I was faithful that success has been already on my path, for...
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